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Who cooked the rabbit for the wolf?
The answer is simple and natural. Have you ever seen a pack of wolves on a nature show gather around a campfire to cook their prey?  How about a pride of lions on the Discovery Channel, chatting around their Gas BBQ, grilling some antelope while discussing the merits of California Chardonnays?

Yes: these seem like absurd images. But if you are feeding your pet only commercial pet food (which has been cooked and processed) then your animal is not getting the kind of diet he or she really needs to be happy, healthy and disease free.

So, the answer to that original question is simple: raw is better because animals don't need their food cooked.  Even though we have domesticated our animals, their stomachs and digestive tracts are still the same as their wild cousins.
Eating a raw diet is natural for them and very beneficial to their health.  Animals in the wild have healthy digestive systems because they eat a variety of foods, including prey flesh, internal organs and stomach contents. The combination of these foods provides a diet that is rich in high quality protein, enzymes, vegetation and vitamins.
The raw diet provided by Raw Advantage helps your pet maintain healthy Ph and enzyme levels in their stomach and digestive tract.  This, in turn, helps your animal maintain a naturally strong immune system, which helps prevent opportunistic and degenerative diseases from attacking their bodies. All of our products use certified organic meats, certified organic grains, vegetable and herbs. All ingredients are human grade and USDA certified to ensure that no unwanted by-products are introduced into your pets diet. At Raw Advantage, we take a lot of pride in our product, and for good reason: we don't skimp when it comes to ingredients. Everyone here is an animal lover and thinks that our furry friends deserve nothing but the best!

So if you really want to keep your best friend at his optimal health level, you should consider giving him the best, with a Raw Advantage diet. Sure: it is a little more expensive than the bagged, processed, cooked alternatives, but your pet will thank you, and it’s the best investment you can make toward many healthy years for your companion.  We know you and your pet will enjoy Raw Advantage. Be sure to tell your friends about us.

Also, be sure to read the Feeding Options page of our site, which also includes an on-line feeding guide.

The processed pet food industry has been around less than one hundred years.

While our Carnivorous companion animals have been in existence for thousands of years.

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